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I have an evil nurse and a kinky cop outfit so far. If you buy some shows, maybe I'll be able to put some of the money towards buying other kinky outfits. And I'm always up for ideas on what to get next.

I love to try new things. I love high heels. I have a ton of them. I love dressing up in kinky outfits and teasing people.

It's about mid-morning, and I'm heading to an interview in an office in a large building. Patiently I wait for the elevator. It stops opens, and i go in and press the button to head up. It stops two more floors up and a man in a dark business suit steps in. He's actually a bit handsome. I wonder if this is going to be one of my future coworkers. He presses a floor different from the office level where I'm applying for work at. I pout a bit since I won't be working with him, and won't have a chance to properly seduce him. Suddenly the elevator jerks and the light goes off. I get worried for a minute and then the emergency light goes on. The handsome man frowns and then presses the emergency intercom button in the elevator. "What's going on with the elevator?", he asks. A few minutes go by without an answer and then it beeps. A nasaly voice whines through the speaker, "We're sorry. The city powergrid has temporally gone off. The radio says they'll be back in within 2 hours. The backup lights should hold for atleast 4 hours in there. There's really nothing we can do at the moment. Just sit tight." Then I hear a click and I know it's off. At first I panic. Two hours?! What can I do to 2 hours? I didn't even bring a magazine with me. Then I remember that I have an attractive man in the elevator with me. I take my jacket off and toss it to the side and unbutton a few buttons on my blouse. "It's already getting a bit hot in here," I tell him. "There's just no decent air circulation." He glances over at me and gives me a brief admiring glance before he sees that I noticed that his eyes weren't looking at my face in that glance. He goes a bit red in the face. How adorable. I bend over, giving him a good view of my backside while I take off my highheels. I hear him choke from astonishment. Now I know that I've got him. It actually is getting kinda hot and stuffy in there. So I ask him if it's alright if I take off my blouse so I don't get it all sweaty before I have to go in the meeting. "After all, I doubt it's anything you haven't already seen at the beach." I see a glint in his eye. "Go right ahead. That's actually a good idea." He sheds his business jacket and takes off the white shirt under. He's actually got a nice toned upper body. I notice he's got his pants, though. That's a problem I'll have to remedy. "Aren't you wearing any underwear?" He chokes again and then kind of laughs. "Sure I am. But it just doesn't seem proper to take off my pants," he tells me. "well. I'm shedding this skirt before I get it all sweaty. It just wouldn't be right if you didn't take off your pants." So I remove my skirt and he faces the wall of the elevator and takes his pants off. I notice after his pants are off he's still facing the wall. I know why. I move up behind him. "You smell nice." and I reach around and grab his cock through his boxers." I guess you can kind of imagine where it went from there.Verlee kattyaddict online Verlee flavour22 mfc Verlee 00kitten forum Verlee "sandrablackx" cam Verlee ahlola livesex video Verlee porn cam kittykats Verlee ts "texitrap"


Walks, Board games, Volleyball, Cooking, Bike riding.

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